WATCH THIS Before You Sublimate Another Coffee Mug (and get a free template!)

Hey, and welcome! In this episode, I’ll be quickly unboxing some 15 ounce coffee mugs, then figuring out the best color that matches the mugs, testing that color, and finally, creating a design and sublimating it onto a 15 ounce coffee mug. I’m also including a png file of the template I use, as well as a png file of the cut and center line I use. These files are for an 8-1/2” by 11” project. Use the template to align your image correctly on the paper, then hide that template layer and turn on the cut line layer before printing. This will print the cut lines but not the template. Double check to make sure the template and cut line aligns correctly on your editing program! Because my 15 ounce mugs curve inward at the bottom, I have to be careful about how close the image is to the bottom of the template.

I’m on a MacBook Pro and I’m using Photoshop Elements 2021. Photoshop Elements is a one time purchase, and in my opinion, easier to use than the full Photoshop. (Plus, Photoshop is a monthly subscription. Yuk!)

I’m not sure about your Photoshop skill level, so I’m just jumping in and creating this image as I normally would. If it’s beneath your skills, please accept my apology. If it seems overwhelming, let me know and I can create future videos and get a little more basic.

I was never taught Photoshop, I just learned it on my own (before YouTube!). There are so many great YouTube videos now about using Photoshop, so if you don’t know anything about it, I assure you, you can learn it! Just be patient and take baby steps!

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Here’s the link to the 15 ounce mug template used in the video. Feel free to download and use it! If someone asks, please send them here to get the Google Drive file:

And here’s the link to the 15 ounce mug cut/center line that I used in the video. Feel free to download and use it as well! It’ll make centering images so much easier! If someone asks, please send them here to get the Google drive file:

Here’s the link to the image I created and used in this video. Feel free to download and use it. The cut/center line is already on the image. All I ask is, if someone you know wants it, instead of sharing it, send them to this video! Google drive file:

This video is NOT sponsored, and I don’t receive any commissions if you click on any of the links. The links are simply here to help you in your search for more “stuff!”

Links to items I used in this video:

Heat Press Nation Signature Series Mug Press: (There are also Signature Series Mug Press bundles:

Heat Tape:

15 ounce coffee mugs with colored handle and interior:

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