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*Song: twinkle twinkle little star
*Singer: Alka Yagnik
*Music By: Sushant-Shankar
*Music Arranged By: ShashiRaj
*Music Label: Happy Bachpan
*Produced By: Tripat

twinkle twinkle little star
*Composition Is Under the Copyright of Happy Bachpan.

Happy Bachpan’s motto is to educate kids with Rhymes, Poems, moral stories, and educational songs in Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Bangla. “Happy Bachpan” is one the leading channels for kid’s edutainment in India. Popular Rhymes and Songs are sung by Alka Yagnik, Shaan, Sudesh Bhosle, Priyani Vani Panditt, and Pamela Jain (Famous Bollywood Singers).

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