This is a Short Love Poems for a Love that will Last Beyond this Life, Love Quotes

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I hope you will enjoy my channel. My channel is all about love quotes, love poems, love quotes for her, or love quotes for him, also you could find, love stories, and a, romantic message, for the special angel you love.
By Sending these phrases of love, you are telling the person you love, I need you, I love you or I “Need you by my Side” I will Love you.And in the game of love dreams are possible…
Many of my videos contain mixtures of sounds from the city and the countryside which all are ambient sounds.

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I write all my poems in a different language, and now I’m translating them from their original language to English, and I am trying to do my best, So I apologize me for any grammatical errors you could find.
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Disclaimer : All the videos on this channel are created by my myself from real life with ambient sounds or with a 3D software , So all of my productions are copyrighted…

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