The Case For Expensive Coffee Cups

Ever wonder why certain coffee cups are expensive? High-end cups might not make your drinks taste better but they allow you to bring the cafe experience to your home. Additionally, nicer cups can be built better, feature curved edges for better latte art, and come in multiple colors/finishes. Realistically, none of the features of these cups are going to make you a latte art champion but they can enhance the experience of those who enjoy your drinks.

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Cups Featured in this video:

NotNeutral Vero Cappuccino Smoke

ACME Evolution Demitasse, Cappuccino, Latte.
ACME Espresso Demitasse Cup (70ml/2.40oz) (6-Pack)
ACME Espresso Cappuccino Cup (190ml/6.43oz) (6-Pack)
ACME Espresso Latte Cup (280ml/9.47oz) (6-Pack)

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