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The Ant and the Grasshopper teach us an important lesson about hard work! Let’s sing along to this classic tale!
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In the summer the ants were a-working
Bringing food to their hill every day
While the grasshopper sang in the sunshine
On his fiddle, his song he did play.

“Fi-de-di, de-dah-doo, dah-de da-do
Fi-de-do, de-da-dee, de-da-day
I will sing all the while ‘neath the sunshine!
‘Neath the moon, I will dance, I will play!”

In the autumn the ants were still working
But the grasshopper still did not care
The ants asked “Why don’t you store food for winter?”
“When it’s cold, you’ll have no food to spare.”

“Fi-de-di, de-dah-doo, dah-de da-do
Fi-de-do, de-da-dee, de-da-day
‘Bove us all, there will always be sunshine
And there always will be time to play!”

Time went by, and along came the winter
And the wind gave a cold icy chill
Snow fell down, and there was no more sunshine
So the grasshopper went up the hill.

“Fi-de-di, de-dah-doo, dah-de da-do
Fi-de-do, de-da-dee, de-da-day
I am cold, I am wet, I am hungry
And I’m sorry I played the days away.”

In the valley he went to the anthill
He was cold, and embarrassed, and sad
But the ants told him that he was welcome
Then he thanked them and felt really glad!

“Fi-de-di, de-dah-doo, dah-de da-do
Fi-de-do, de-da-dee, de-da-day!”
And the grasshopper said in future seasons
Work comes first, then he’ll have time to play!

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