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Rain Rain Go Away, ABCD, Phonics Song,Alphabets and others Nursery Rhymes for kids is preschool nursery rhymes. This kids’ video is a compilation of other baby nursery songs.

00:08 Rain Rain
02:00 Finger family
03:10 One Two Buckle My Shoe
04:55 Peekaboo
06:49 Days of The Week
07:57 ABC Song
09:29 Phonics Song
11:46 Head Shoulder Knees and Toes
13:23 Wheels on the bus
15:28 Bingo Dog Song
17:31 ABCD Song
18:42 Itsy Bitsy Spider
21:01 If You Are Happy
22:31 Karate Kid
24:10 ABC
25:23 Cookie Jar
27:24 Who took the Cookies
29:02 10 in Bed
31:24 10 Little Airplane
33:22 Johnny Johnny yes papa
34:57 Wash Your Hands
37:25 This Is the Way
38:25 Alphabets Song
40:08 Five Little Monkey
41:31 London Bridge is falling Down
44:03 All We Together
45:21 Hide & Seek
46:21 Baby Sharks

About Kidsberry Nursery Rhymes :-

“Kidsberry – Nursery Rhymes” Creates Nursery Rhymes, Kids Song, Baby Songs for preschool Kids to learn from Videos. These Nursery Rhymes for children for the song. Baby songs for toddlers to learn educational Videos. This Kids Song Channel is heartfelt, engaging, memorable with a core value to educate and entertain our pre-school audience at home or while travelling. Or even before they go to bed to see all those lovely dreams.

Our content is curated with many preschool mentors to create enriching pre-school learning videos. We provide Kids cartoon in the form of kid’s song


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