POPPY POPPY | REMEMBRANCE DAY POEM OF THE WEEK | Read by Miss Ellis #poemoftheweek

POPPY POPPY | REMEMBRANCE DAY POEM OF THE WEEK | Read by Miss Ellis #poemoftheweek

This week’s poem, ‘Poppy Poppy’ is a lovely poem. Unfortunately the author of this Remembrance Day Poem in unknown but it is read aloud here by Miss Ellis.

Poem of the week is a great way to emerge your child/children into poetry. New poems are added every Sunday.

To watch all of the poems featured in ‘Poem of the Week’ please click on the link below: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsfY09MbWL9uLU6fPiI9BjpalvMegcZLv

There are so many reasons why poetry is important for children to hear and learn. Below are just a few of the reasons.

Poetry helps children develop their memory and brain power. Poetry encourages children to play with language and words. When reading poetry, they hear how words can be moved and stretched to rhyme, and when they write poetry, they’re doing the same!

Children with a good awareness of rhyme and rhyming skills tend to become better readers and spellers. A focus on rhyme helps them look at patterns within words and how they are formed, supporting word recognition and spelling.

Poetry supports the development of children’s emotional literacy. They can learn to manage and reflect on their emotions, feelings and behaviour through drawing on experiences they hear about in poems shared.

When they write their own poetry, they can give form and significance to a particular event or feeling that was important to them, and communicate it to the reader or to the listener.

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