How Are Ceramic Mugs Mass Produced?

It takes seven steps to create a ceramic mug. This starts with milling and ends with packaging the mugs and sending them to your doorstep.

Have you ever stopped everything you were doing and wondered: How are ceramic mugs made? We’re willing to bet you have! After all, you use a coffee mug, sometimes even a personalized coffee cup, every single day. Can you imagine mornings without caffeine? Road rage would be rampant, no work would ever get done, and the apocalypse would likely happen. The world needs coffee!

That’s why the process of making custom coffee mugs is so extraordinary! There are about seven steps that go into the creation of ceramic mugs.

First, the process begins with milling, which is the combining of clay, quartz, feldspar, and water. This is followed by molding where the clay concoction is formed into the shape of your favorite promotional mug. Next comes the handle application. The handles are dipped in slip and applied to the exterior of your mug. Let’s be real – without a handle your custom logo coffee mug is really just a cup in disguise.

Do you really want a boring old cup? That’s why the next step is so important: detailing. This involves cleaning up any excess clay or debris and making the custom mugs nice and smooth. From there, the logo coffee cups go through glazing where they get their iconic smooth sheen. This is followed by the firing process where the personalized coffee mugs go through a kiln set at 2200 degrees F.

Once your logoed coffee cups are ready to go, they are sent over for packaging and shipping to your doorstep!

The steps in creating ceramic mugs are all necessary in producing a final product that’s worthy of your custom imprint or logo. Ceramic coffee mugs are a vital part of every morning, and we all have these hardworking manufacturers to thank for keeping us nice and caffeinated!

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00:00 – Intro
00:16 – Milling
00:35- Molding
00:47 – Handle Application
01:06 – Detailing
01:19 – Glazing
01:39 – Drying
01:47 – Firing
02:06 – Packaging

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