Eleven Whispers – A rhyming journey – Poetry Book by shelby glows | Inspirational poetry | Introspective | Mindfulness | Gift | Nature by ShelbyGlows

18.18 USD

A collection of poems connected by rhyming verses woven together to create an inspirational story for anyone seeking meaning and hope.

This insightful story set in nature features 11 original poems connected by 11 poetic verses, beautifully illustrated in original watercolor images.

This story invites you on a day with a young creative, struggling for meaning and as she takes a walk outdoors and through a series of poems whispered through nature she rediscovers creativity, purpose, and our significance to each other and the world.

A great gift for someone or yourself.

** FREE SHIPPING in the US **

Original source: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1240340508/eleven-whispers-a-rhyming-journey-poetry?ref=rss

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