Ammi Ki Roti Gol Gol and More | امی کی روٹی گول گول | Urdu Rhymes Collection for Babies

Here’s a popular Hindi/Urdu rhyme “Mummy ki roti gol gol” in your favorite Urdu version. This poem teaches children about popular things that are round in shape. Sing along and enjoy!
امی کی روٹی گول گول
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Ammi ki roti gol gol
Abbu ke paise gol gol
Dada ka chashma gol gol,
Dadi ki choodiya gol gol,
Ammi ki beti gol matol!

Mommy’s roti is round and round
Daddys money is round and round
Grandfather’s glasses are round and round
Grandmother’s bangles are round round
Mummy’s little baby girl is also round and round.

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