ABC Song | ABCs Video for Preschool Learning | Alphabet Sounds | ABCD Rhymes | Poems for Kids

ABC Song | ABCs Video for Preschool Learning | Alphabet Sounds | ABCD Rhymes | Videos & Poems for Kids

In this video children will be able to learn alphabets and letters and also kids will learn things that start with each alphabet with the help of 3D animation and colorful visuals.


A | A For Apple
B | B For Ball
C | C For Cake
D | D For Dog
E | E For Eleven
F | F For Fan
G | G For Gift
H | H For Heart
I | I For Ice cream
J | J For Jewelry
K | K For Kiwi
L | L For Lamp
M | M For Mango
N | N For Nest
O | O For Onion
P | P For Pineapple
Q | Q For Question
R | R For Radio
S | S For Scooter
T | T For Telephone
U | U For Umbrella
V | V For Vase
W | W For Watermelon
X | X For Xylophone
Y | Y For Yacht
Z | Z For Zucchini

This ABC Song cartoon video will help kids learn English Alphabet A to Z. The ABCD 3D animated letters will jump on a bump which will then protrude from the ground and reveal things that start with each alphabet.

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