a poem about life

A poem about life. This poem is based off James 4:14. It’s a reminder that life is so short and only what’s done for Jesus will last for eternity. A poem about life is a reminder of the reality of life and death. Don’t waste your life, live for Christ. Life is so short, death is real, and eternity is forever. (James 4:14) Thanks for watching a poem about life.

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By Joe Henkel

Life is so short. It gets shorter each day.
This life on earth quickly passes away.
The time we have to live is briefly here,
Then like a vapor our lives disappear.

Don’t waste your life living for self and gain.
Or living for what’s sin, temporal, and vain.
Live your life for Christ and what will go on;
What lasts forever when your life is gone.

It will be soon when you take your last breath;
Life will be over and you will face death.
Then you’ll stand before God and you will see
What really mattered for eternity.

Your life is getting shorter ev’ry day,
And like a vapor life passes away.
One day, very soon, when your life is past,
Only what you did for Jesus will last.

What is your life? James 4:14

Don’t waste your life. Live for Christ.


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