6 Housewarming Gifts to Give New Homeowners

It takes time and resources to purchase a new house. It takes even more time and effort to turn into a home. 

If you have friends or family who are new homeowners, you can help them celebrate their move-in and collect the household items they need with a housewarming gift they’ll use again and again. 

The experts at giftster.com have compiled this list of six useful, thoughtful gifts you can bring to new homeowners. 

1. Custom wall art

New homes come with plenty of empty walls to fill. If you know a new homeowner, help them bring cheer to their house with custom wall art. 

Order enlarged photographs of the nearest town or trendy and welcoming farmhouse signs. Check out an online store, such as Mill Wood Art, which offers state-specific wooden signs and other customizable wall art. 

2. Return address stamps or labels

A stamp or set of sticker labels is a housewarming gift that new homeowners can use anytime they mail a letter. It’s a practical and memorable present they’ll use again and again for mailing anything from Christmas cards to bills.

Self-inking stamps are the most long-lasting option, and you can find dozens of designs online at Simply Stamps.

3. Gift subscription to a meal delivery service

New homeowners have plenty of tasks to complete, including cleaning, unpacking, rearranging, organizing, fixing, and patching. With a gift subscription to a meal delivery service, you can save them some time.

A quick online search will bring up several options you can customize by family size and diet. You could also order pre-cooked meals so they can enjoy a few days without cooking.

4. Personalized household goods

Most people won’t splurge on personalized items for themselves, so these make thoughtful housewarming gifts. Present new homeowners with monogrammed hand towels, an etched cutting board, or a keychain featuring their move-in date.

Many homeowners will use these personalized household accessories almost daily, so they are both functional and a lovely gesture.

5. Bottle of Champagne

A bottle of Champagne is a classic housewarming gift, especially if it’s accompanied by a nice set of wine or cocktail glasses. New homeowners can pop it open to celebrate the first night in their new house. 

Don’t assume they’ll drink it, throw it away, and forget it. Some new homeowners might save the drink for a later anniversary or display the empty bottle. 

6. Game night must-haves

Many new homeowners are excited about hosting celebrations and get-togethers with friends, family, and neighbors. As a housewarming gift, help them stock their home with game night must-haves so they’re ready to entertain.

On your first visit to the new home, bring board games, a deck of cards, and a finger-food recipe book the new homeowners can use for years.

If you or your friends or family are in the process of purchasing a new home, giftster.com lets users create a wishlist to share. It’s the perfect option for new homeowners to build a wishlist of household items. 

Happy gifting!

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