Top 20 reasons to give poetry books as gifts

Top 20 reasons to give poetry books as gifts

The holiday catalogues have started to arrive in my mailbox. And while I’m admiring how pretty they are as decorations for my recycling bin, I felt the need to write a little guidance on surviving this annual season of materialism. Here’s my top-20 list of reasons to make it easy on yourself — buy poetry books for everyone on your list. (My kids helped with this, so please forgive the sarcasms!)


#20 – Won’t go out of fashion (because it isn’t fashionable to begin with).

#19 – They probably don’t already have it.

#18 – Everyone needs more poetry!

#17 – Shows that you think of them as extremely intelligent, emotionally sensitive, and spiritually evolved people.

#16 – Makes you seem quite intelligent, emotionally sensitive, and spiritually evolved.

#15 – Non-perishable.

#14 – Cheaper than a great bottle of wine.

#13 – Invites reading lines aloud (i.e., more fun at a party than a bottle of wine).

#12 – Re-giftable (even after they enjoy it).

#11 – Unexpected gifts are the best.

#10 – So that your friends can’t say they “don’t get” poetry, because, um, they just got it (get it?).

#9 – No one else is getting it for them. You’re the cool friend who knows that they secretly LOVE poetry.

#8 – Maybe they will give you a poetry book, too!

#7 – Easier and less potentially embarrassing than writing them a poem yourself.

#6 – Bargain! You could pay $3.75 for one lackluster poem in a greeting card, or about $0.32 per poem in an award-winning collection.

#5 – So you can skip getting them a greeting card. (That would be redundant.)

#4 – Media-rate postage is cheap, and you get a tracking number, so you know it has been delivered properly.

#3 – Easy to wrap these slim rectangles of bliss.

#2 – A very pretty gift! Poetry collections have the most beautiful covers. Just tie a ribbon around, which can serve as a lovely bookmark.


#1 – Poetry is purified love, distilled from language, breath, and deep longing. Who could imagine a more loving and sincere gift?

Birding and Poetry: Let Your Poems Soar

You slowly open your door and gingerly step outside, quietly approaching your backyard birds congregating at a feeder. You snap a few photos, smile at your work, and listen: a raucous chorus of chirps, cries, and yells fills the air around you. The expansive sky is periodically dotted with flying blue jays, cardinals, and crows. Nature is everywhere.


Since the pandemic began, birding, the simple act of observing birds, has increased in popularity, largely due to people spending more time outdoors. This practice is also incredibly healing. Research shows that, for many people, simply being in the presence of birds can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Depending on your access challenges, maybe watching birds makes you feel more grounded. For others, listening to calls might deepen an emotional connection to nature. Rolling or walking on trails and searching for elusive birds, inspires calmness, joy, and creativity.


Birders often find ways to incorporate the activity into other passions, such as through illustration or photography, and poetry should be no exception. Since many poets draw inspiration from the natural world, combining birding with your poetry craft serves as a means of both practicing self-care and gathering material for your poetry. 


Take inspiration from iconic poems.


It’s no wonder these extraordinary, diverse creatures have inspired beautifully written, iconic poetry. From Mary Oliver’s “Wild Geese” to Maya Angelou’s “Caged Bird”, birds symbolize strength, freedom, and beauty. Analyzing these poems can help you craft effective metaphors and improve your creative storytelling.


Choose a “sit spot” and write about the birds you observe.


Birders will typically find a place where birds tend to live or fly through and wait to observe them, i.e., a “sit spot.” If your home has a backyard, this is a good place to start. Spend roughly a half-hour a day outside, observing the birds in your immediate environment. Record your observations and insights, creatively interpreting how the birds behave and interact with each other. Consider writing about how people often overlook the beauty of everyday, commonplace facets of nature, such as birds living in your own backyard.


Join a local birding group.


Research birding groups where you live, and attend an outing. Finding a birding community can help you connect with others and expand your knowledge of birds. Learning about bird species, population numbers, behaviors, and habitats can provide inspiration for bird-centric poems. From local Feminist Bird Club to National Audubon Society chapters, join an organization that works for you!


Explore different themes.


How can you compare a bird’s life to your own experiences? How do flocks remind you of familial or community bonds, for example? In your poetry, how can you celebrate the biodiversity among birds, using this characteristic as a metaphor for our society? Furthermore, in what ways can you creatively write about endangered species, bringing attention to their plight? The possibilities are endless! 


Whether you’re a birder searching for a creative outlet or a poet in need of inspiration, these two practices are the perfect pair.

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