Old MacDonald | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Baby is visiting his grandpa on the farm and having so much fun learning about all the animals and the sounds that they make! Sing along!


Old MacDonald had a farm
And on this farm he had a horse
With a neigh neigh here
And a neigh neigh there
Here a neigh, there a neigh,
Everywhere a neigh neigh!
Old MacDonald had a farm

Old MacDonald had a farm
And on this farm he had a cow
With a moo moo here
And a moo moo there
Here a moo, there a moo,
Everywhere a moo moo!
Old MacDonald had a farm

Old MacDonald had a farm
And on this farm he had a pig
With an oink oink here
And an oink oink there
Here an oink, there an oink,
Everywhere an oink oink!
Old MacDonald had a farm

Old MacDonald had a farm
And on this farm he had a sheep
With a baa baa here
And a baa baa there
Here a baa, there a baa,
Everywhere a baa baa!
Old MacDonald had a farm

Old MacDonald had a farm
And on this farm he had a chicken
With a cluck cluck here
And a cluck cluck there
Here a cluck, there a cluck,
Everywhere a cluck cluck!
Old MacDonald had a farm

Old MacDonald had a farm
And on this farm he had a duck
With a quack quack here
And a quack quack there
Here a quack, there a quack,
Everywhere a quack quack!
Old Macdonald had a farm

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Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines – Pablo Neruda (A Poem for Broken Hearts)

Read by Shane Morris

‘Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines’ is a heart-breaking poem written by the beloved Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda.

In these verses Neruda describes how easy it is for him to write the “saddest lines” as he struggles to cope with the loss of his girlfriend after a break-up.

In the end, Neruda says that these lines serve as his last goodbye to his love.

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5 Poetry Collections to Read If You Love Sally Rooney

If you’re a book lover, chances are you can’t stop spotting Sally Rooney novels on social media, in the front windows at your local bookstore, and even on your TV screen—Conversations With Friends was released as a Hulu series in May, while Normal People continues to attract new viewers two years after its premiere. With Rooney’s latest title, Beautiful World Where Are You, hitting shelves last September, it’s unlikely we’ll see a new book from the author for a while. If you’re looking to fill the Rooney void left on your reading list, start with these five poetry collections that explore similar themes and feelings. 



An Anthology of Modern Irish Poetry, edited by Wes Davis


In an interview with The Irish Times, Rooney said, “The material reality of [my] characters has to be grounded in stuff that I actually know. It’s the same reason that all my characters are Irish. I’m Irish. I live in Ireland. Most of my friends are Irish. I feel more grounded in that reality.”


Rooney invites her readers into that reality, as well, with her novels’ Irish settings resulting in a strong sense of place and a unique literary voice—influencing everything from the books’ dialogue to their sharp class analysis. While Rooney is the most widely known Irish writer publishing right now, An Anthology of Modern Irish Poetry offers an opportunity to get to know a wide range of diverse Irish voices. 


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Unfollowing You by Komal Kapoor


The characters at the heart of Sally Rooney’s novels have complicated and ever-changing relationships. In Conversations With Friends, protagonist Bobbi considers the differences between platonic and romantic love—as well as their intersections—and finds herself exploring the limitations and complexities of marriage and monogamy. Meanwhile, in Normal People, the painful but deep connection between Marianne and Connell spans many years and cities. With Beautiful World Where Are You, Rooney shows her characters grappling with long-standing crushes, unrequited love, and more. The relationships in these novels are impacted by dating apps and social media, which similarly play a major role in Komal Kapoor’s collection Unfollowing You. Like Rooney’s novels, Kapoor’s poems also take the reader on a journey—chronicling both a romantic coming together and a heartbreaking falling apart—and try to make sense of modern love and dating. 


unfollowing you
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Scorpio by Katy Bohinc


Rooney has often spoken out about rampant capitalism, wealth inequality, and exploitation, with class divides between her characters serving as major inflection points in her novels. Her characters struggle to pay rent, find themselves in monotonous day jobs, and reflect on the intricate, deep-seated shame that can arise when they compare themselves to wealthier friends and partners. Katy Bohinc’s Scorpio, published by Miami University Press, speaks to like-minded, emotional themes, with Bohinc writing, “Because I go to so many / bullshit meetings all day long / I want / a literary song.” Like Rooney’s characters, the speaker of Bohinc’s poems strives to find meaning even in the midst of desperate survival and soul-sucking routine. 


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God I Feel Modern Tonight by Catherine Cohen


Rooney has been hailed as a distinctly millennial voice. Generational issues come through in all of her books, with each representing our current time period and historical context. Comedian and poet Catherine Cohen’s God I Feel Modern Tonight has a similar point of view, delving into timely topics like hookup culture, self-care, social media, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The dark humor in each poem also mirrors Rooney’s writing style. 


See on Bookshop.org


Steal It Back by Sandra Simonds


How do womanhood and femininity intersect with consumerism? This serves as a central question in Sandra Simonds Steal It Back, the award-winning leftist poet’s fourth collection. Rooney’s characters engage in similar debate and reflection, questioning how what they choose to buy relates to questions of morality and social responsibility. It’s easy to envision Rooney nodding in agreement with Simonds’ searing societal critique, which takes aim at everything from McDonald’s to Twitter. 


See on Bookshop.org


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Phonics Song with TWO Words – A For Apple – ABC Alphabet Songs with Sounds for Children

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Do Chuhe The Mote Mote | दो चूहे थे | hindi poem | hindi rhymes for children by jugnu Kids

Do Chuhe the Mote Mote hindi poem by jugnu Kids – https://goo.gl/xKa222

I love my school or School chale hum is latest rhymes by jugnu kids –
We are trying to create kids friendly 3d animated rhymes in hindi for little babies so they can learn hindi language and can enjoy music in rhymes.
Every Kid love school, playing in school with friends and learning in class room with teacher. This wonderful rhyme will make your kids enjoy and will encourage little one for learning and education.

See our more beautiful Rhymes, poems and hindi kavita for kids in hindi rhymes for children.
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Uppar Pankha Chalta hai – http://bit.ly/2g5OCPV
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